Thursday, April 13, 2006

Burning Mountains

(click on the picture to see the fine details!)
One of the owners of the B&B I always stay at is an amazing pyrographer. Here is his latest artwork (It's top of a bench in the rec-room). It depicts the surroundings as seen from the B&B - frozen Copper river in the foreground of Mt. Sanford (on the left) and Mt. Wrangell (on the right). In winter, you can see moose and caribou walk around if you are, and more importantly if they are lucky (you know, escaped the bullets). A pack of wolves also visits frequently. You hope that they don't cross the frozen river to come visit you personally. Bears are still in hibernation during this time ( which is good, since we have to work outside).


Bakwaas said...

waooo asti, neat capture..:)

Relatively Speaking said...

@Tanu - hey thanks!