Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ice Castle

This is my first post on Greenland, or more correctly, Kalallit Nunaat, as it is known in Greenlandic/Kalallisut. The 81% of the area in Greenland is covered by ice, known as the ice cap. It is one of THE coolest sights. This is on the western border of the ice cap, known as Russel's glacier. We basically just sat there and saw the pieces of ice falling from the glacier into the river flowing below and wondering about global warming. I was here last summer also, and the only part that remained same was this, which I like to call the ice castle. Most other ice features that I remembered, disappeared into the river below.


Advocatus Diaboli said...

really Cool. ( in more than one sense of the word)

Relatively Speaking said...

@Hemanth: Thanks. I am posting after a long time.