Thursday, October 23, 2008

Matanuska glacier

Okay, so one would think that if I have travelled on this road about 5-6 times before, I would know if you could see a glacier from it. But then one would be wrong. May be I was sleeping during this particular patch on my other trips, but I just came up on this glacier, and was utterly surprised. I knew there was a leg of the Matanuska glacier somewhere here, but I didn't know you could see it from the road! Or may be I did and have forgotten. In any case, here is the Matanuska glacier, as seen from the Glenn Hwy, in all its glory.

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vinay said...

Amazing pics. What makes you go all these exotic places?

A nice oped on global warming:

Relatively Speaking said...

Vinay, thanks. Mostly it's my work in the upper atmospheric sciences that takes me to these places.

Thanks for sharing the article. I hadn't seen it. It's true, you can sit near the glacier in Greenland and hear it calve and see the ice bergs floating in the fjords. It's funny. That's the same feeling I got when I was in Ilulissat.